COVID-19 Relief Donation

To our BASE Friends,

You might be reading this while on lockdown yourself, or while watching the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spread rapidly and without discrimination, make its way across our beloved country. BASE is always been about building a community, and the core part of helping to grow our community is by providing safe space for everyone to express themselves freely without being judge and makes sustainable choices in our business and operational to contribute to environment. Regardless of where we are, we're a part of a society and as members of a society, we have a responsibility to improve the state of the community and world that we live in.

The impact of the novel coronavirus has fundamentally changed the way live our lives. In this unprecedented crisis, it is our responsibility to contribute to the collective effort in every ways possible. As part of our effort, we’ve added a public donation feature which allows you to fundraise directly from our platform. So if you're interested in contributing to the relief response, this is a good place to start. All of the proceed are going two these two main organisations

  1. BASE is partnering with

    To help flatten the curve in the COVID-19 outbreak, officials at all levels of government are asking people to stay at home . Working from home (WFH) may be effective in slowing down the spread of COVID-19, but for many in the informal sector with no regular income, this means the loss of their source of income. No work simply means no pay.

    BASE Indonesia is partnering with to collect donation which all the proceeds are going to Rumah Zakat to provide supplies of food banks for informal segment workers such as online transportation drivers and street vendors who are dealing with the economic pressures of the pandemic.

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  2. BASE is partnering with

    In such a short time, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected all parts of life in Indonesia. Some of Indonesia's largest hurdles are related to the limitations of medical facilities and the availability of test kits.

    • COVID-19 is a global pandemic and without the capacity to produce locally, Indonesia will face difficulties in securing test kits.
    • The SARS-CoV-2 virus will keep mutating. Knowledge on its genomic profile is highly critical in developing a vaccine.
    • In order to be effective, test kits should be designed to suit the population’s profile. Indonesia cannot rely on other countries to provide test kits for Indonesians.

    Indonesia PASTI BISA, a collaborative movement initiated by East Ventures to support effort in fight against COVID-19, disbursed IDR 5 billion to purchase raw materials for the production of 50,000 COVID-19 qPCR test kits

    Indonesia PASTI BISA is raising fund with a target of Rp 10 billion to support TFRIC19, task force formed by the Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) to fight against COVID-19. All donations will be proceed for producing medical kits and genetic research.

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  3. BASE is partnering with Pintar Sehat Peduli

    Health workers are the frontline soldiers against COVID-19 outbreak. Doctors, nurses, carers and paramedics around the nation are facing an unprecedented workload in overstretched health facilities, and with no end in sight. Pintar Sehat Peduli is the Non profit organisation founded by Andira Utami saw an opportunity to help provide hospital workers with food and beverages to keep them refuelled while working grudgingly long shifts as well as create opportunities for the restaurant’s employees to prepare and distribute free meals.

    For more info go to Pintar Sehat Peduli Instagram page

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Whatsapp on +6281 8081 10888  or email

We thank you so much for your contribution for COVID-19 relief.

Love from BASE Team